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I've always loved women, and still do, I'm not attracted to men who want a kiss or emotionally or whatever, but I turned on the taps. I am very oral sex and love thumbzilla tasting pussy of my wife, but sometimes I have the fantasy of sucking a hard throbbing cock. This is where my story begins, sometimes I searched and viewed online porn Identification moorhens will run near the mouth of fantasies about the costs. One day, a picture of a wet hard cock was masturbating on my laptop when my wife surprised me when he came home early. I panicked and thought the worst, and although initially seemed angry, I asked, why is doing this. We confesssed my interest in the cock and not just the boys and told me he always knew that I was very oral. To my surprise he told me id bet id eat pussy like a good vacuum technique was very good and would like to see the inaction me !!!!! afraid that I said it's not just a fantasy thing I certainly do, but said, oh no no no, if sucking she brought home a sexy tail would have to... I was worried, but excited too secret. othing happened for a few days N, after a few days later I received a text, as I say shes in the work of a colleague she was done at home, he was in his mid-twenties and not in a relationship , was to have sex for a long time and would be eager to share....... I panicked at work..... I could do this, I should do, all while my thumbzilla throbbing cock in his pants exciting. When I got home, it was actually a mixture of emotions, full of cock sucking, but lust worried about what would happen. when I entered the kitchen, thumbzilla turned on my wife and colleague David wfound chat, my wife and I immediately smiled introduce David. I sheepishly shook his hand and speak briefly, I felt butterflies in the stomach. My wife has all the room and sat on the couch and said well can begin. I was looking at David, and he smiled, I was not interested in highm, but as soon as he left his pants and saw it was hot athletes bugling just part of it. My wife sat on the edge of the seat, said it's okay honey, and then David approach make n Y so exciting and I hesitantly approached David, who was now his only Scottish, I see his hard cock and held it there She looked so damn tempting. I moved slowly and began tracking the length of your penis through the material, my wife says honey mmm yes, it's a nice one. That wa my first draft of another cock Mans, feel, and there was no turning back at that time had the hydrant. i see thumbzilla panties David floored his throbbing hard cock spring out. Because in my knees that had to do a thumbzilla perfect face. The cock was so damn sexy, about six inches, uncut hair, cut. I could not take my eyes before she looked like pills. My wife feels the spirit urging me on.... Mmmm honey -sucking feel his cock in her mouth..... and I did. I spoke for the first time in my dickHand gently masturbates, the sense of male strength and power, mmmmmm, the foresking sliding along hard axis, the brightness of the head so tempting.... I gave up and settled on top of a gentle lick slowly...... ot gently licked the bottom of the hull tasting my first cock... Its taste so hot.... David left a sigh, as my hands caressed thumbzilla his balls and put your helmet as my tongue explores my tongueing smootht surface feel his cock head..... I was addicted to licking thumbzilla one stopped and opened his mouth, slowly sucking cock... Feeling his cock sliding in front of my mouth, and give me your mouth.... I think we had another virility couldnt't served in my mouth.... I could not believe I am now a son of a bitch.... I knew his cock salty smell of sweat began filling my nostrols male and suck his cock more and more every move attracts more, oh thumbzilla time, the feeling of throbbing cock fills my mouth and said he complained David : Oh, yes that's nice who took the copck now out and drank hard on the headthen vigorously sucking his penis hard and fast.... my mind, I lust suck him and wanted thumbzilla nothing more than his cock! After licking and sucking long I knew that David felt the increased tension in his balls, hollow and pressed it gently. My wife wanted a glorious end, and said real cock sucking whore is going to take a leave ahd control of David, I was told of their right to sit on the couch next to her and told David to be in front of me and gain control. From this angle, he went to live as his eyes, where together with my mouth and she could see David 's cock in my mouth ready. David took over.... I grabbed his head and started fucking my mouth, its tail hit the back of my throat full, I could hardly breathe, but I loved it, my mouth was so hot and humid, choking I think he took my mouth, thumbzilla trying to me, my eyes dribble sideways as much as possible with my wife was surprised to see her husband getting fucked mouth these senseless..... Kep to mourn more more more..... shit mouth, fill neck, my eyes were weeping deep shit he always thumbzilla was when I knew that David was here.... His tail drew their control over my thumbzilla head was near, and I was beating up growing up and moaned loudly and pumped wave after wave of semen in my mouth was fuck as hard as I could not run once ingested, as it broke and can thumbzilla not be splashing out of my mouth, everywhere. It tasted wonderful and I enjoyed every drop. After a bit of David calmed down and went to live in my wife told me where I was, and she went to clean the mouth and face licking, I was so hot and cum hard, barely touched dick. A then climbed onto his back, legs and said it was time, my mouth stood up to more good
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